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Trading in chinese stocks

What does this mean for companies listed in China?

China stocks rise on trade, tech boost; STAR board extends rally

More capital will become available because, in addition to domestic investors, foreign investors — particularly institutional — will be interested. This is important to us as investors. We like to see corporate governance improve, because it creates value for us as minority shareholders.

trading in chinese stocks

And the trade war? There are many examples of policies that impact market performance, such as the cut in the VAT, which supports the private sector. And, yes, the trade war is affecting local sentiment.

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There is definitely awareness in China of the ongoing trade tensions. There is more awareness now of what is happening internationally than five or ten years ago.

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The trade war is also having a direct impact on the economy and businesses, in particular exporters and technology firms. So the measures are definitely trading in chinese stocks the Chinese economy to some extent, but it is important to note that the large trading in chinese stocks of exporters are trading in chinese stocks listed on the stock exchange. We have a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio and the index just does not matter that much.

So, as an active investor, our focus is on the fundamentals of stocks and on the price we pay for the expected earnings — particularly in relation to the cost of capital.

Brent Crude Rises

And that has nothing to do with inclusion in any index. Do you expect this to change? As the market matures and China opens up, it will attract more international institutional investors. This group is much more aware of the cost of trading and, generally, more long-term oriented. They also have a much greater interest in corporate governance, which means that the market — and management teams — will inevitably change.

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What does that mean for investors in A-shares? The Chinese authorities have introduced many meaningful and effective measures in recent years.

Yet we have also seen measures that have had a temporary adverse effect on the market. An example is the circuit breakers that were introduced a few years ago. Aimed at triggering a timeout from trading to stop prices tumbling, these had the opposite effect, feeding panic selling and sending the markets into a tailspin.

trading in chinese stocks

I think it is trading in chinese stocks to be aware of all of this and the fact that China is still in the development phase, so shocks are to be expected at times. How does that affect listed companies in the local market?

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That debt mostly sits with the state-owned enterprises; China has relatively little household or government debt. The government has made some progress in the management of that debt, which compared to other large markets is not particularly high. It is on the high side though, and therefore it should be monitored. If you would have avoided this market based on total debt position, you would have severely missed out.

Connecting China's Exchanges

A-shares is a much larger market. An example is the industrial sector. A very large majority of industrial sector stocks are listed onshore, in the A-share market.

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  • ‘Chinese stock market matures as institutional investors join the party’
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For us, the industrial upgrading of China constitutes an important theme — through which we are naturally directed to the A-share market. This links to corporate governance which needs to develop further. Yet, the same thing is currently happening in trading in chinese stocks markets — like the US, where the market is shaken up regularly by the acts of a powerful leader who is now known to be trading in chinese stocks.

We think that Chinese authorities will be more inclined to use other measures to stimulate the economy, such as the VAT cut and infrastructure investments I mentioned earlier. The market is very broad, very deep and liquid, and stock suspension levels have come down considerably.

China Mobile Limited

We mostly limit ourselves to larger stocks. Out of roughly 4, stocks in total, there is a pool of highly liquid ones. So, liquidity is no more of a risk trading in chinese stocks in other markets.

It is a matter of taste — what an investor is most comfortable with. We find the approaches to generally be complementary.

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So a mix of the two can be a good way to go.